Value-Based Drug Development is underpinned by the idea that successful planning and management within our industry – whether it is of a single clinical trial, a series of trials, a drug development program, or a portfolio of drug products – can and should be based on quantifiable and measurable actions. In an industry wrought with challenges such as increasing costs and diminishing returns, it is essential that drug developers be smart about maximizing the expected value of their programs and portfolios. This is where the "value-based" approach comes into play. In Antonijevic’s editorial, he outlines design parameters and defines various decision criteria in a way that maximizes the expected value of a drug development portfolio.

Zoran Antonijevic, Senior Director within Quintiles' Innovation group, shares a vision shared among industry leaders from major companies about migrating toward this model. Read Antonijevi's presentation of the concept in the Spring 2011 issue of Biopharmaceutical Report.