Outcomes audits give biopharma highly detailed insight into how a care pathway for a specific patient population is functioning in the real world, and we believe that along with simulation modeling, health informatics and specialist market access services, outcomes audits are an important aspect of a holistic market access strategy.

In this podcast, Paul Sutton, Director of Outcomes and Value, Commercial UK, discusses how outcomes audits can improve collaboration between biopharma and the NHS.

By listening to the podcast you will learn:

  • The main challenges for biopharma and market access activities
  • What an outcomes audit is and how it could fits into the wider market access landscape for biopharma
  • The benefits of an in-the-field nurse to analyze local patient data
  • The top 3 reasons why the outcomes audit improves collaboration between biopharma and the NHS

If you found this podcast useful, then there is more information about outcomes audits in our whitepaper, “Harnessing vital data to inform an optimal market access strategy in the UK” which is available to download.