Observational research is increasingly recognized as an important source of evidence for healthcare decision-making. Regulators, payers and providers assess observational study quality, and the International Society for Epidemiology provides Guidelines for Good Pharmacoepidemiology Practices (GPP). However, many studies are failing to meet required standards for design, operations and analysis, so limiting their value to decision-makers. Determining the right approach to achieve observational study research objectives and then operationalizing it requires education, training, experience and specialized approaches. Large or small, every study is different and calls for its own operational strategy to fulfill its unique objectives.

During this webinar our experts Louise Parmenter, Global Head of Operations, Epidemiology & Outcomes Research, Real-World & Late Phase Research, Quintiles & Ombretta Palucci, Senior Director, Clinical Project Management, Real-World & Late Phase, Quintiles will discuss:

  • The need for operational excellence for prospective observational research
  • The challenge for prospective observational research study execution
  • Best practice approaches to achieving operational excellence in prospective observational research
  • Smarter studies through innovation
  • Q&A