This presentation will describe the use of Advanced Simulation Engineering (ASE) to develop and add enhancements to Quintiles Infosario® Design, a novel approach to design and plan clinical development programs and trials. ASE offers the following advantages:
  • Rapid, iterative, design to build superior solutions
  • Allows business, IT, and end-users to share an understanding of a software solution
  • The ability to determine the feasibility of a function, scenario or solution without the large investment of coding, developers and infrastructure
  • Provides a visual, validated by stakeholders, that communicates to developers what should be produced in terms of UI and functionality.
  • Addresses perceived shortcomings in a traditional UX approach of not delivering actionable recommendations fast enough.

UX methodologies at the core of this approach are primary end-user research, design insights following usability best practices, use of personas, contextual research, participative design reviews, usability testing, scenarios of use, and information architecture.