As a senior leader in emerging biopharma, you know that examining your product development program through the lens of all stakeholders is critical for success. But are you clear on key metrics and milestones your key investors are seeking? Are you taking the appropriate steps in early clinical development to lay the groundwork for these metrics and navigate your clinical studies and commercial pathways through the lens of your investors?

Join Dr. Rick Sax, Quintiles’ leading expert on planning and design of clinical programs, to learn how you can better navigate the clinical development of your product as an emerging biopharmaceutical firm. Specific points will include:

  • Designing your clinical program with the end in mind, from drug discovery, IND, through approval and commercialization
  • Perspectives: investors vs stakeholders vs market
  • Balancing risk with investment opportunity 
  • Understanding the specific landscape and market for your product
  • Thinking ahead without investing major resources

Key takeaways:

  • What it means to converge clinical and commercial design
  • Why and how robust design practices can integrate into your key programs and inform key investment decisions
  • Clearer understanding of decision criteria used to demonstrate value and guide corresponding investments