Over the past 30 years, our greatest accomplishments in advancing understanding about the safety, effectiveness and value of healthcare interventions have been achieved through the studying of health records for large populations. More recently, access to electronic health records and other electronic data that can be linked or supplemented by other critical information have provided greater knowledge of treatment effectiveness, safety, and patient outcomes.

The mecca of health information will be networks with comprehensive electronic health records that are able to collect and link supplementary data collected from clinicians, tissue banks, etc., and/or directly from patients, including information on the quality of life and other patient-reported outcomes.

Join QuintilesIMS thought leaders Nancy A. Dreyer and Ana Maria Rodriguez as they review:

  • How data linkages can be made while respecting privacy of patient data?
  • How observational solutions can be applied locally in selected networks and more broadly?
  • Whether real-world research can be used with randomization?