Big Data is big business. As technology advances and more information about healthcare is recorded and stored, the opportunities for turning information into insight to improve outcomes have never been greater. It is no surprise that it is those most able to collect and, crucially, interpret this data who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in market access. In the new health economies, biopharma needs to work much harder to meet the demands of stakeholders for robust evidence of exactly how a product will lead to better patient outcomes in the real world. Compelling data lies at the very heart of this challenge.

What do payers and providers want to see from Big Data? Where are the gaps, and how can the information be better manipulated and localized? Should we be expanding our frame of reference, moving from PROMS and PREMS, and delving more into quality of life? Do we need a shift in focus towards non-health specific lifestyle data sets so we can understand not just the clinical impact of a drug on a patient, but how that patient's exercise levels and diet, for example, are affecting outcomes?

To get the answers to all these questions and more watch: 'UK payer perspectives: Is big data the future of market access?’ which features Paul Sutton, Director of Outcomes and Value, Commercial UK at Quintiles and Dr Junaid Bajwa, a GP and board member for Greenwich CCG.

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