There are two key elements in any successful strategy: knowing what to do, and knowing when to do it. Yet in terms of market access, there appears to be a lot of talk about the former, but not so much about the latter.

There is no doubt that the processes and capabilities that pharma organizations need to employ have evolved. Since the creation of the UK's clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), the early development and implementation of a holistic market access solution based on local clinical and payer insight has become even more crucial.

By watching the webinar, you will learn:

  • How to clearly define a market access journey that brings together the right mix of activities
  • What is the optimum time to begin engaging with stakeholders when implementing market access strategies
  • What payers really want to see from biopharma

To get the answers to all these questions and more watch: 'UK payer perspectives: Market Access and the importance of early stakeholder engagement’ which features Ryan Wooller, director of market access and service innovation at Quintiles and Dr Junaid Bajwa, a GP and board member for Greenwich CCG.

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This webinar is part of a three-part series exploring UK market access. You can view the other two webinars here:

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