Biopharma's success in the new healthcare economy is focused on a clear guiding principle: prove the value of the product to all stakeholders, or risk commercial failure. In the UK, the number of budget holders has vastly increased, with NICE, NHS England, the Cancer Drug Fund and the proliferation of clinical commissioning groups all now demanding drugs that deliver exceptional value.

'UK payers perspectives: the market access value paradox' features Ryan Wooller, Director of Market Access and Service Innovation at Quintiles and Dr Junaid Bajwa, a GP and board member for Greenwich CCG.

The webinar will examine exactly why there is a misalignment between biopharma and payers, how it is harming the commercial and clinical success of products, and what needs to be done to bring them closer together. Clearly, biopharma needs to understand the local value story of each payer, then demonstrate how their product aligns with it. The only problem is, payers and biopharma rarely agree on what value means, and rarely spend time discussing it.

Until now.

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If you would like some further insights on the areas discussed in the webinar, we have an article by Ryan Wooller titled “Under the influence of payers”, on our blog here.