Biopharma’s success in the new healthcare economy is predicated on one simple principle: prove the value of your treatments or risk losing market share and profits. Healthcare costs are climbing, regulators around the globe are requiring more information, and both providers and payers have higher expectations for a medical treatment’s proof of value before prescribing or paying for those treatments. These quality, cost and outcome driven imperatives must also incorporate efficacy, safety, benefits as compared with competing products, and overall improved quality of life. 

Download the presentation given by Paul Sutton, Director of Outcomes at Quintiles Commercial UK, entitled: “Value is the target: aligning value for payers to pharma”. 

Paul Sutton leads the design and implementation of health informatics, data analytic services and patient outcome study-type services for Quintiles, and his keynote presentation explored the challenges and contradictions inherent in aligning value for all stakeholders.

The presentation discusses key areas including:
  • Who has the greatest influence over the definition of value in healthcare?
  • How does value misalignment impact on patient care?
  • How can we ensure biopharma become trusted partners for stakeholders?
  • Why is aligning with the Triple Aim is essential to success?

You can download the full presentation here, which not only asks these vital questions, but presents potential solutions that could trigger a step-change in how biopharma and payers work better together for mutual success.