Biopharma companies can choose from a range of outsourcing models as they seek to respond effectively to the ever-changing conditions in the New Health. Quintiles’ uniquely broad range of such models, including Functional Service Provider (FSP) arrangements, is highlighted in a new white paper titled "FSPs: Ranging From Tactical to Strategic Models." Outsourcing models typically follow a continuum from tactical to strategic, with FSP models falling mid-way between these extremes, involving the contracting of a particular service, activity, resource, role, infrastructure and/or output to support all or most of a sponsor’s clinical trials within a function.


Quintiles is currently working on 38 ongoing FSP projects, and as of 2010, Quintiles FSP solutions were supporting 800 studies, which enrolled 63,000 patients at 15,000 sites in 60 countries. Over a three-year period, one Quintiles FSP partner boosted productivity by up to 30 percent through efficiencies and continuous improvement strategies.


The paper’s authors are: Ian Birks,Vice President, Integration, Resourcing, Metrics & Reporting Global Functional Resourcing, Quintiles; and Larisa Singh, Vice President, Global Functional Resourcing, Asia-Australia Chairperson, Drug Information Association, (DIA) India.