Market access now demands closer collaboration between biopharma, payers and providers. In a climate where ongoing reimbursement of a drug relies on biopharma’s ability to demonstrate how it delivers value to the entire healthcare system, partnership working is essential.

Outcomes audits should be seen as one of the most important tools available to biopharma. They deliver detailed action plans to both biopharma and the NHS, proposing improvements to the care pathway aimed at delivering real value to the entire healthcare system.

By downloading “Harnessing vital data to inform an optimal market access strategy in the UK” you will gain:

  • A comprehensive overview of outcomes audits and their place in UK market access. 
  • A strong understanding of the benefits an audit delivers to both the NHS and biopharma.
  • An examination of how real-world data can help biopharma increase adherence rates.
  • Clarity on how biopharma can build better relationships with payers and providers.
  • Insight into how outcomes audits inform pathway redesign that improves patient outcomes while maximizing commercial success.