When it comes to improving the quality and consistency of the provision of healthcare, and maximising its value, evidence is vital. In the last few years, several trends have emerged that have increased the demands on companies to deliver stronger and more holistic evidence to support healthcare decision making.

At pharmaceutical companies, development costs are increasing while productivity is on the wane and there are greater demands for evidence of safety, efficacy and effectiveness from a range of healthcare system stakeholders. At the national level, governments seek to control expenditure on healthcare and are making reimbursement contingent upon proven outcomes and value. Locally, healthcare providers are being asked to do more with fewer resources and to deliver healthcare interventions based on evidence of value. Finally, patients are demanding more information as well as greater quality and convenience. Every part of the healthcare continuum is under pressure.

Over past decades, the lens has widened from an almost singular attention on clinical outcomes to a much broader focus on clinical, economic and humanistic outcomes. Unprecedented access to new data channels, new research designs and improved analytical techniques are together driving a paradigm shift in real-world methodologies. Never has the world of healthcare evidence generation been so rich and complex.

About the Author

Louise Parmenter, Ph.D., is Senior Director, Late Phase Strategic Planning for Quintiles. She holds a BSc in Physiology & Biochemistry and Ph.D. in Neurophysiology from Southampton University, UK. Dr. Parmenter has spent nineteen years in the pharmaceutical industry and in that time has gained a breadth and depth of experience comprising significant strategic, operational, project management, commercial and business responsibilities. She has experience of the whole clinical trial process (concept through to final report), laboratory research and Phase II through IV, together with an understanding of many therapy areas. Dr. Parmenter’s specialist area of focus is peri-approval research where she has significant operational experience working globally with time spent based in Europe and the USA. She implemented 5 Late Phase training modules for Quintiles staff covering all aspects of design and delivery of experimental and observational research. Since 2008 Dr. Parmenter has been responsible for strategy and planning for Quintiles’ Late Phase Services. In this role she is responsible for understanding the post approval research market and ensuring that Quintiles remains at the forefront of innovation and best practices to optimise late phase development.