Many companies do not take full advantage of the extensive data sources available to support more precise and robust asset valuations and forecasts of return on investment. This white paper describes the factors driving asset valuation under various clinical program designs and proposes strategies to optimize value, using Quintiles Infosario® Design and HTA Accelerator platform. These tools can overlay technical probability of success with market access drivers, to inform asset due diligence efforts and help accelerate clinical development. With these insights, product development strategies can be selected to optimize factors such as product positioning and differentiation, time to launch, cost of development, regulatory approval, market access success and price.  A case study involving a candidate fibrosis asset illustrates how market access insights inform estimates of expected net present value (eNPV) and shape clinical development strategy. In this case study, external experts facilitated indication “deep dives,” developed target product profiles (TPPs), assessed development options, and carried out eNPV modeling. An integrated due diligence process was used to compare multiple scenarios based on strategic and operational considerations. This approach provides a high-level outline of clinical options for an asset, and an eNPV estimate, with a focus on relative merits rather than absolute numbers. Key success factors were high-quality preparatory work; an open-minded and flexible approach by participants; and a full commitment to the process.