The profound transformation occurring in healthcare today is creating an entirely new state of being in the 21st century. The magnitude of these changes, including drug development, implies a completely different model of understanding, creating and providing healthcare that will encompass the full continuum of discovery, development and delivery. On this topic, former FDA commissioner Dr. von Eschenbach details his highly compelling vision for a systems-driven, interconnected future healthcare model.  

To envision the central role of data in the future ecosystem, it can be constructive to consider how other industries are being transformed through new applications of data. A panel of experts compares and contrasts their experience with aggregating and deploying real-time data, cross-competitive data sharing and service delivery. They explored overcoming various challenges around more fully leveraging “Big Data” to gain competitive advantage.  

In translating today’s research into tomorrow’s safe and effective medicines, the traditional “go it alone” model of developing new medicines has become increasingly unsustainable. However, the question always becomes: what does successful collaboration look like, particularly between competitors? Panelists including pharma, payers, providers and investors examined the forces driving the need for increased collaboration, barriers to success, and a wide range of new models and relationships that will better address today’s and tomorrow’s realities in healthcare and R&D.