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    Clinical Services, Helping Build Your Clinical Trial Evidence

    Experienced. Cost-effective. Fast. These are today's criteria when you need to execute clinical trials in South East Asia. We meet these criteria and it is easy to work with Quintiles' local and clinical regulatory teams.

    Although Indonesia remains one of the less developed pharmaceutical markets of South East Asia, our presence has built upon our global strengths. And, we have doubled our office-based team headcount each year since opening in 2006. With supportive regulatory and ethical committee's we can provide the following services from our Indonesian hub:

    • Patient recruitment
    • Site-startup
    • Clinical monitoring

    Facts about Indonesia to Help You Plan

    • 4th in the world; 232 million (2007)
    • Most prevalent hospitalization in 2005: diarrhea and gastroenteritis (7.52%), typhoid and paratyphoid fever (3.15%) & dengue hemorrhagic fever (3.01%)
    • Top ten diseases of outpatients in 2005: Other acute respiratory infection (7.05%), skin & other subcutaneous diseases (3.16%) & essential hypertension (2.93%)
    • The pharmaceutical industry consists of local companies and is worth approximately $350 million
    • Quintiles has completed studies in a multitude of indications including; oncology, psychiatry, and diabetes