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    QNET Capabilities

    Quintiles QNET is a web-based clinical data monitoring system used by project managers and monitors worldwide. You can access QNET 24 hours, 365 days on internet to receive central laboratory results. You can analyze trends, make graphs and compare the results.

    • Check data points and collection information on a daily basis.
    • Identify trends by investigator site and study. 
    • View testing performed, canceled, shipping condition and alert reports. 
    • Compare multiple tests/analyses to observe clinical trends in a particular patient or for the entire study population.
    • Create graphs of result data for an individual patient or for the study as a whole.
    • Readily view clinically significant results, including inclusion/exclusion and delta values.
    • Communicate with other team members by leaving memo or records.
    • Create presentations quickly to explain important test result points.
    • Export result information to other programs for further analysis.

    QNET enables you to make quick decisions by having required data available anytime and supporting smooth analysis support.

    We ensure the highest reliability

    Quintiles Central Laboratories operates strict quality management program. One of the examples is “Quality Gate” system which is the quality check point clearly defined and documented. It is mandatory to pass all gates every time when protocol is revised.

    Quintiles maintains these global accreditation and certification:

    • All wholly owned laboratories are CAP (College of American Pathologist) accredited.
    • Lipid testing facility has obtained certificate from CDC (Clinical Disease Center).
    • HbA1c testing facilities are NGSP certified.

    We provide quality service

    If outside testing and biopsy is required, we cooperate with multiple external testing laboratories with which we have long-term relationships. While testings are done by reference laboratories, the services provided to the sponsor are the same as what Quintiles-owned laboratories are offering. Quintiles checks quality and regulatory compliance of our reference laboratories. We also make sure sample shipping/returning and testings are performed based on schedule. All samples are tracked. Test result format is completely consistent with other data collected during clinical study. Quintiles reports testing result collectively including alert. These data are entered into the database, which makes it easy for the sponsor to review and analyze data on QNET.