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Global Functional Resourcing

The challenges of today’s biopharma industry are driving companies large and small to evaluate their product portfolios, operational delivery and resources to uncover smarter, faster and more cost-efficient ways to work.

Outsourcing on an individual study basis does not always address the need to:
  • Accelerate timelines and decrease time to market with more efficient use of resources.
  • Decrease drug development costs without compromising quality and safety.
  • Drive growth while outsourcing non-core activities to reduce infrastructure costs.
Quintiles has a dedicated Global Functional Resourcing team offering a full range of Functional Service Provider solutions, including Clinical Monitoring, Data Management, Biostatistics and Pharmacovigilance.Quintiles is the only provider with the breadth and depth to deliver FSP solutions on a program, geographic, or therapeutic basis. We can:
  • Provide resources (people, processes, systems) across multiple studies in any therapeutic area.
  • Help you access new and emerging markets without investing in physical infrastructure and minimizing fixed costs and investments.
  • Manage and execute a full therapeutic portfolio on your behalf.
  • Drive productivity through Six Sigma, BPM and other continuous improvement methodologies.
We are currently delivering 38 ongoing FSP projects with a broad spectrum of solutions. And as of 2011, Quintiles has supported 800 studies (enrolling 63,000 patients at 15,000 sites, in 60 countries), involving 2,000 Quintiles FSP monitoring staff and an additional 1,400 Quintiles staff delivering FSPs in data management, biostatistics and pharmacovigilance.

For our clients in the healthcare industry, our Global Functional Resourcing (GFR) models are the 21st century way of organizing and re-shaping their business. For our employees, it is an excellent way of working with these dynamic and market-leading companies, while at the same time being part of the greater Quintiles organisation, providing the broadest perspective of career development in clinical research.

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