We can help you find clinical and commercial success

  • Because of a complicated regulatory environment and potentially a 17-step process, study approval in Brazil can take three years. With more than a decade in the country, our average time to approval is just 18 months.
  • From protocol design to patient instructions, studies must be conducted in Portuguese. Our 200 Brazil-based employees are fluent.
  • For multi-country studies that include Brazilian sites, we offer a full range of clinical services, taking you from protocol approval to marketing authorization.
  • Since Brazil is in the opposite hemisphere of the US and Europe, we can help you stage drug trials for diseases with seasonal variations.
  • We provide customized go-to-market support: comprehensive commercialization solutions including regulatory, marketing, sales and distribution services.
  • For faster drug adoption and improved market access, our local contract sales force offers expertise, flexibility and greater cost efficiencies.