• Chinese (Simplified, PRC)

Product Marketing & Sales

Quintiles China is a commercial hub for the Asia Pacific region with affiliate offices in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Taiwan

We have been operating for more than 10 years and provide an integrated range of product marketing and sales solutions to fulfill the diverse needs of the competitive healthcare industry. Quintiles China can fill sales and marketing gaps when you need to increase sales – fast.


We support your marketing efforts without taxing your internal resources. Our team of industry experts have experience in launching major products in virtually every therapeutic area to provide marketing insight while maximising commercial success.
  • Strategic and tactical marketing action plans.
  • Product co-promotion – maintain strategic control and ensure maximum return-on-investment.
  • Alternate sales channels – get to the right physician with the right message at the right time.
  • Influence network marketing – a breakthrough system to reach the most influential physicians effectively and efficiently.
  • Product marketing – ensure launch and post-launch opportunities are smooth, successful and cost-effective.
Sales Teams

Quintiles China will quickly assemble a high-quality sales force that’s motivated to achieve your sales and market share objectives.
  • Customised sales force – tailored to the unique needs of your product and its market.
  • Rapid recruitment – advanced technologies and experience enable Quintiles to hire high quality sales forces in record time.
  • Significant industry experience – we’ve worked with products in all major therapeutic areas and most physician specialties.
  • Computerised candidate databases – managed by experienced and dedicated internal staff.
  • Profiling against client specifications.
  • Management resources – we can manage or you can manage the team internally.
Health Management

Quintiles China offers programs and services designed to provide ready solutions to customers’ challenges and accelerate the adoption curve. We offer unique solutions to bridge the gap between the clinical and commercial phases of product development, providing expertise across a broad range of pre- and post-launch opportunities:
  • Development and implementation of disease management and treatment protocols.
  • Educational support for physicians and staff in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Facilitating patient education to enhance compliance.
  • Disease-specific education programs (conducted by healthcare professionals with specialised therapeutic expertise, e.g., oncology, psychiatry, etc.).
  • Assistance in patient outcome analysis.