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  • Key Commercial Services Descriptions

    Dedicated Sales Teams

    High caliber sales representatives, either managed by us or by you, are dedicated to your company and to the promotion of your brands.

    Ideal when you need to:

    • boost resources for new product launches or highly potential products
    • Maximize your return on investment from a brand portfolio
    • create new strategic opportunities
    • manage risks by converting fixed costs to variable
    • provide subject matter expertise but have limited in-house resources or no presence in the Greek market

    Syndicated Sales Teams

    Reinforce your product messages through our shared sales force. We are able to accommodate up to three non-competitive product detailing (time-slots) in each team.
    Ideal when you need to:

    • promote seasonal products
    • improve “mindshare” amongst physicians
    • deliver economies of scale

    Over-the-Counter (OTC) Sales Teams

    Our dedicated/syndicated over-the-counter contract sales teams target selected wholesalers and pharmacists to promote brands and treatments at different levels. They work with a limited number of non-competitive brands.

    Ideal for helping you with:

    • promotions and direct sales
    • launching and supporting brands
    • “Mirror Image”/support to sales teams targeting physicians
    • seasonal brands
    • small and medium enterprises with limited in-house resources or no presence in the Greek market

    Health Management (Patient-centric Solutions)

    Solutions that create patient-centric communication help to increase patient compliance, access new patients and improve physician relationship.

    Innovex teams of Clinical Nurse Educators and Nurse Advisers provide valuable information – in full compliance with all regulations and industry guidelines – to help practitioners improve the quality of care and increase patient compliance.

    In addition, our Clinical Educators and Nurse Advisers meet with patients to help them understand their condition and the therapy prescribed to improve their compliance to treatment

    Our Clinical Nurse Educators and Nurse Advisers help to improve the quality of medical care. They specifically help with:

    • disease states that are under-diagnosed, misdiagnosed, or under-treated
    • education that can help ensure patient compliance or enhance practitioners’ understanding of current disease management tools and therapies
    • communicating advances in drug therapy required for educational support