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  • Introducing our colleagues

    One of the most critical elements of our success is our highly qualified, dedicated employees. 


    Read what our colleagues in different positions within the company think about Quintiles and the work they do.

    Dr. Ágnes Gohér – Associate Director of Clinical Operations

    I finished the Faculty of Medicine at Semmelweis University in 1988 then started work in patient care and took my board exam in internal medicine. In 1998 I began working in clinical research and gained experience in the contracted clinical research organization industry. I joined Quintiles in 2006 as manager of clinical operations. I can say that it was a wise career move; I really enjoy my work and I have learned a lot from Quintiles. I’ve been able to take part in a series of excellent training programmes and I receive opportunities to try myself out on new tasks. The company expects a lot, but good performance is always rewarded. I would like to mention another two things that are virtually unique on the market and which I consider very important: firstly, Quintiles places great emphasis on employee satisfaction, and a survey on this is conducted annually, and secondly, staff are ensured a transparent, very worthwhile career path.

    As regards the office in Hungary, I can say that we all work in a very good environment with excellent colleagues. I enjoy coming here day after day.

    Dr. János Tóth – Clinical Research Associate

    I finished medical university in 2003. In 2007, after being awarded a Ph.D., I faced a choice and decided to go towards clinical research because in the course of my career to date – with a core research approach – I have always found working together with clinicians a great challenge.

    I looked for a well-known and authoritative company in the pharmaceutical industry. For me it was particularly important that Quintiles, as a dynamically developing CRO, had a wide spectrum of coverage in the clinical research and research organization fields, which in itself guarantees long-term predictability as regards a career. Following thorough training in the recent past I have had the chance to gain a broad range of experiences. As I develop I am finding myself facing increasing opportunities in what I do, in my career, in the rewards and recognition. 

    The most important thing so far in my work is to enjoy what I do and get the most out of it. I feel that I made the right choice: Quintiles is that sort of workplace.

    Dr. József Palatka – Senior Project Manager

    Similarly to many colleagues working in the region, I started monitoring with a basic medical training in 2000. I decided to apply to Quintiles because I felt that this would be the place I could learn most about the organization of clinical studies and the company offered the best career prospects. And so it proved to be. Over the years I have often changed position, and as my experience has increased I have been able to work in international positions: first I was appointed regional, then international clinical team lead. At present I am working in the oncology unit of Global Project Management as Senior Project Manager. In the years I have spent at Quintiles I have always had new, interesting and challenging tasks. In the meantime the Hungarian clinical section has grown significantly. It has been really good to watch up close the spectacular development of this extremely talented young team. In fact, for the past few years I have worked in the Quintiles international project management group, out of the Hungary office, and it is a particularly good feeling when I hear the achievements of the clinical team of the Hungary office praised abroad, because I feel I am part of them.

    Borbála Szűts – Senior Clinical Trial Assistant

    Job recommended by a friend

    I studied at the faculty of arts reading Hungarian and communications, and although I imagined myself working in a variety of jobs it never crossed my mind that I would become involved in pharmaceutical research.

    A friend of mine mentioned that there was a vacancy and if I was interested in the post of research assistant I should send them my CV. I went through three rounds of interviews before I was finally given the job. At present I am working as senior clinical trial assistant at Quintiles.

    Now that I, too, have been a Quintiles employee for some time I can say that it was a good decision to try out this, to me at least, completely unknown area. I work in a professional environment with helpful colleagues, where it is possible to learn something new virtually every day.

    Dr. László Veres – Head of the Study Start-up Unit, Associate Director of Clinical Operations 

    I took a medical degree in Szeged and then worked at the university and took my board examination in obstetrics-gynaecology. During clinical practice there was a possibility of learning about clinical studies, which is why I have been working on the organization of clinical drug studies since 1997.

    I joined Quintiles Hungary in September 2005. Today I work as associate director of clinical operations. My work is very varied: in addition to leading the study start-up unit I am also engaged in coordinating the work of managers of clinical operations and clinical team leads, study site coordination, furthermore I also take part in the activities of two international working groups. 

    So far I have been able to gain experience in the healthcare provision system, within the framework of a pharmaceutical industry company and in the clinical studies organization industry. On this basis I can state, without reservation, that anyone who would like to work in a dynamically developing environment as a person committed to clinical pharmaceutical studies, who considers an ethical approach, recognition and opportunities to advance to be of importance, will find that they can realize their plans if they join the Quintiles Hungary team and work hard to achieve the company’s and their own goals.

    Dr. Gyöngyi Szedlay –Manager of Clinical Operations

    Team effort locally and on the international stage

    After completing the biology-chemistry faculty at ELTE University I began working. A few years later I obtained a PhD. As my children became more independent I felt that this was the moment to find the job that was truly me. I considered several different areas, but finally I applied here based on what I had heard from former student pharmacists working at Quintiles.

    Now, after a few years, I really feel that I have found what I was looking for. Following a period spent gaining experience as a CRA, in the course of which I was able to discover all the stages of clinical studies, I became a manager of clinical operations. Today I head up a team comprising CRAs and assistants. The fact that I can work in an international group means a huge amount to me, where it is perfectly natural that during a teleconference people from all over the world work on a common topic for a common goal. At Quintiles everyone plays in the same team – it’s good to be part of a team made up of talented, highly qualified individuals.

    Dr. Szabolcs Barótfi – Director

    From a career start to the director’s chair

    I graduated from Semmelweis University as a pharmacist. Even during my years at university I became interested in clinical research and right from the early days I began to look for opportunities to become involved in this field.

    In 2000 I joined Quintiles as a CRA. From 2003, for two years I had the opportunity of coordinating – in an international environment – feasibility studies as well as gaining an insight into the life of other business units connected to clinical monitoring. These two years were critical from my point of view: they gave me a chance to establish several professional in-house contacts that remain important to this day. In 2005 I returned to Hungary and applied for the post of manager of clinical operations that became available as a consequence of the company’s expansion. Until 2008 I was managing CRA groups of various sizes and compositions. I also received the opportunity, also as manager of clinical operations and in the framework of expansion in the Eastern region, to take part in developing a new sub-region (the Middle East). In autumn 2008 I took over running the Budapest office as director. 

    In the course of the years I have spent here I witnessed the development of a compact company into a medium-, large-size company, which of course brought with it many changes, although there are a few things that have remained unchanged over the years and these are important for me: these are the person-orientation, flexibility, and besides these the stability of the company and the unique career opportunities. Besides my work I am involved in many other things and I am pleased to be working in a company, and alongside colleagues, who are partners in these activities, too.

    Dr. Kata Sára-Popovics – Visit Report Reviewer

    Family-friendly solutions for colleagues with small children

    I qualified as an MD in Budapest in 2001 and then worked as an anaesthetist. After my experiences in healthcare I started looking for a reliable position guaranteeing a livelihood, the sort of job where I could make good use of my experience. I joined Quintiles in July 2004 as a clinical rsearch associate.

    In May 2006 I briefly took up the position of regional clinical team lead, because I gave birth to my daughter in January 2007. In January 2008 my manager notified me of a new position that could be handled from home. Since then I am once again working as a visit report reviewer and I correct visit reports for the region in several international studies. I have been able to return to work while I am still able to spend a large part of the day with my child as I don’t have to commute. This means I find it much easier to establish a balance between family and work, something that Quintiles supports. I love my work, I like working here and I am extremely pleased that this is also important to Quintiles.