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    According to international statistics, the number of patients involved in clinical studies has been on the increase in this region for the past several years and there is every indication that this trend will continue in the years to come. 

    Over the past two decades we have been witness to a significant restructuring in phase II-III clinical developments: initially an ever increasing number of clinical pharmaceutical studies were shifted from North America to West Europe, and then from the mid-1990s to Central-Eastern Europe. And the trend continues with the involvement of new areas; ever more studies are being arranged in the developing, previously less popular regions. 

    However, the demand for an increasingly larger number of patients cannot be satisfied purely by involving new areas and regions. The efficient implementation of clinical studies is at least as important to the company commissioning the study, any possible clinical research organizations (CRO) involved as well as Quintiles as the market leader in the majority of areas. This is why we are working not only on expanding the range of centres taking part in clinical studies by continuously searching for new potential partners but also by placing the cooperation we have with currently active centres on new foundations. The Quintiles Partner Site Program provides the framework for this.

    The objective of the Partner Site Program is to establish more effective and faster cooperation mutually advantageous both for the partner centre and for Quintiles. Naturally, the path to achieving ideal cooperation is one that involves many stages. In the course of this process Quintiles guarantees the possibility of participation in all studies in accordance with the profile of the partner centre and directly or indirectly provides assistance in resolving many administrative, organizational and training tasks. The department/hospital involved in the project helps – in compliance with a procedural order set down in a general framework contract – in the fastest possible execution of the preparatory and contracting phase, and once the study has started it ensures the required number of patients and quality of administration.

    The Partner Site Program has already launched in several countries, and we are now working on its widespread introduction in the Central-Eastern Europe region. Hungary stands at the forefront in this regard; we currently have contracts with seven institutions. 

    If you are interested in participating in the programme, or you would like to know more about cooperation with Quintiles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us: Dr. Krisztina Vértes, Director, Partner Site Program, 06-1-225-23-62

    Dr. Krisztina Vértes, Director of the Partner Site Program, Hungary

    I joined the Hungary office of the company in 1998. Prior to this I had already worked in areas connected with drug development. 

    My first position at Quintiles was as clinical research associate. I was able to witness how a team of just a few people was able to build itself into an office employing nearly 150 that is the market leader in Hungary. I managed the clinical section for several years before taking over control of the recently established Study Start-up Unit. It was a great pleasure for me to build up this new and today highly successful business unit. Recently I have been tasked with a new challenge: managing the formation of the Partner Site Network. Thanks to the excellent reputation and good personal and business contacts of Quintiles we were able to create mutually advantageous relations with seven institutions in just the first year, and we plan similar links with many other institutions in the near future.