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  • Voluntary Actions

    Charitable work around Miskolc

    We arranged a one-day charity programme in the area of Miskolc in autumn 2008. Colleagues worked in four locations:

    Animal sanctuary

    Those staff members visiting the sanctuary took part in the day-to-day routine of looking after the animals and helped build animal shelters.

    Miskolc Zoo
    We got stuck into some real maintenance work:

    • Painting the bear enclosure,
    • Painting the huge aviary holding the birds of prey,
    • Tidying up other animal enclosures.

    Bükk National Park

    There was plenty of manual labour needed in the national park as well, although of a slightly different kind. This year’s volunteers were split into two groups, one of which was sent off from the eastern gateway of the Bükk to clear the Szeleta study path of rubbish while the other team tidied up about 1 km of winding pathway above the stalactite cave.

    Children’s Ward, BAZ County Hospital

    Our staff dealt with sick children in the hospital, organizing drawing competitions, telling stories and playing cards.