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  • Commercial Services

    Quintiles Ireland commercial group helps you sell smarter by providing sales numbers that are proportionate to the number of additional sales representatives. 

    Not only do we provide well-trained representatives that will deliver on your sales goals, Quintiles Ireland complements sales specialists with nurse advisers who can educate physicians.

    Our commercial services range from long-term strategic partnerships to temporary increases in sales force headcount to get the job done quickly. And we tailor the right solution to your needs. With almost 20 years’ experience in the global marketplace, our team members outperform customer sales objectives in almost every instance.

    Additional Sales and Patient-centric Resources for Ireland

    • Syndicated/Shared Sales Teams – Our syndicated teams provide you with the opportunity to purchase one or two detailing positions per team, promoting non-competing pharmaceutical products. This gives you greater flexibility and cost-efficiency, allowing full utilization of experienced and established teams of Quintiles representatives without committing to the full cost of a project sales team.
    • Patient-centric Nurse Advisers – We introduced Patient-centric (Health Management) Services Nurse Adviser programmes to Ireland in 1998. We help ensure that each programme we develop for you is conducted in full compliance with all professional and legal requirements.