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    Employee Engagement Survey

    Initiated 6 years ago, Employee Engagement Survey (EES) with a different thematic aspect every year, has exceeded 90 percent participation up to present. During the three-week period dedicated to complete the questionnaire, Quintiles employees are given an opportunity to express their concerns and expectations, as well as evaluate their direct managers and the overall performance of the company. This is a completely anonymous survey, aiming to transform the clinical research model to deliver higher quality, consistency and efficiency. EES results are examined very carefully and announced within the regional communities. Accordingly – Quintiles management strives to address areas that require improvement and take action to implement the best solutions. Ensuring that Quintiles employees are engaged and supported is a number one priority to the company and the EES is a global opportunity to identify possible concerns and transform employee success to the entire company success.

    For the last decade, Quintiles employees worldwide have been recognized and honored during the annual Employee Appreciation Day which has transformed into QDAY in 2009.