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  • Syndicated Sales Teams

    A Syndicated Sales Team is a unique opportunity to cost-effectively bolster the level of activity and the results. 


    Syndicated Sales Teams represent non-competing products of different non-competing companies. The team is always managed internally by Quintiles. Therefore, our Sales Management shares responsibility for the successful attainment of the goals.

    For example, a Syndicated Sales Team is ideal for:

    • Promoting products in all possible stages of the lifecycle
    • Extra attention during a launch, during a certain period (seasonal products) or products with high potential
    • Maximizing attention for a total product portfolio
    • Making the sales force more flexible

    Added value we provide:

    • All-inclusive system
    • Full confidentially through exclusive agreements
    • Enhanced results
    • Complete project set up where the wishes, ambitions and Key Performance Indicators are defined
    • Speed and quality in recruitment
    • Highly qualified sales management with strong focus on the team and development
    • Professional training programme for every individual employee
    • Management and reporting of Key Performance Indicators in monthly Business Review meetings
    • Transparency in invoicing with a daily fee per worked day



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