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  • Clinical Services

    We have had a presence in the local market for more than a decade.

    Our customers find that we have a solid reputation in terms of:

    • Fast recruitment.
    • High quality data deliverables.
    • Excellent training program for our employees.
    • Good relationship with PIs (majority of KOLs were trained and started the clinical research activities with QBUH).

    Our services

    • Clinical Operations & Site Management
    • Project Management
    • Quality Management
    • Site Start-Up
    • Training
    • Global Functional Resourcing
    • Regulatory Specialists

    The Environment in Romania

    • Romania continues to be an important source of patients (lack of medical funds and slow reform in the health care system). High incidence of CNS, CVS, Oncology diseases. High level of medical knowledge, experienced and motivated investigators. Good e-DC capabilities of study team members.
    • All working sector is automatically insured by the government (mandatory contributions are 5.2% for employer and 5.5% for employee).
    • In Romania there are 419 public hospitals + 17 private hospitals and 260 policlinics. Total number of physicians: 46936 and physicians/10.000 inhabitants = 21.7.Total number of beds: 142034 (source: Romanian Statistical Yearbook/2006)
    • Academy of Medical Sciences coordinates a network of 23 institutes and research centers, and 12 clinics affiliated to medical universities. (source: cordis.europa.eu/erawatch)


    • Romanian legislation adapted to EU legislation - implementation of EC Clinical Directive 2001/20 started 1st of January 2007.
    • Only certified sites can participate in clinical trials. Certifications are issued by MoH.
    • Only Senior Specialized MD can be a Principal Investigator in the respective therapeutically area.
    • For multicentric international trials the approval from Central Ethics Committee is required only.
    • Our goal is to be easy to work with and to fullfill our customers' expectations.