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Commercial Services

For over 20 years we have been offering Sales & Marketing Support to the pharmaceutical industry in Germany.

Until 2009 under the name of Innovex, since January 2010 under the one brand Quintiles.

Implement a plan for lasting success 

You want to be able to execute with efficiency and assurance, giving you the confidence to champion your product and bring better therapies to healthcare professionals and patients sooner. 

One of the most important factors for success is to start with the source. Our local, native presence is ideally placed to develop smart, focused and efficient trials that drive predictable outcomes with the goal of achieving streamlined pathways to approval, including the demonstration of proven health economic value. Once licensed, we supply all the tools and resources you need to thrive commercially—helping you to achieve lasting success.

Key Services in Germany:

  • Change Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Portfolio Management & Transaction Services
  • Product Development Strategy Consulting
  • Product Value & Outcomes Strategy
  • Regulatory & Compliance Consulting
  • Biosimilars
  • Clinical Trial Planning & Design
  • Functional Service Provider
  • Phase I/IIa Clinical Trials
  • Phase II/III Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Late Phase Clinical Trials
  • Patient Recruitment
  • Project Management
  • Risk-based Monitoring
  • Site Start-Up
  • Real-World & Late Phase
  • Real-World & Late Phase Strategy
  • Interventional Phase IIIb/IV Clinical Trials
  • Observational Research & Registries
  • Patient Engagement Services
  • Product Launch
  • Contract Sales
  • Integrated Channel Management
  • Market Access
  • Market Entry/Exit
  • Patient Education

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