Therapeutic Expertise
Confidence comes from a depth and breadth of experience. And that’s exactly what Quintiles delivers when it comes to designing and implementing clinical trials. Our multifaceted teams cover the therapeutic spectrum from Allergies to Women’s Health.

We can leverage and integrate our capabilities in targeted ways so that you can take full advantage of what we can offer.

As well as being able to seize opportunities in adjacent markets, such as biosimilars and devices, we can also leverage our high‐science strategy and biomarker services to provide you with expertise in these specialist areas that you may not currently have in‐house.

Our therapeutic expertise is underpinned by confidence in our data collection and analytics.

Centers of Excellence
Each of these COEs strives to harmonize all functions of the Therapeutic Delivery Unit from pipeline planning and prioritization to proactive early engagement with potential customers to site strategies and working with the new Center for Integrated Drug Development to build out a proactive proposal and improve the bid defense content.

Each Therapeutic  COE is a strategic (as opposed to operational) team focused on providing internal and external consultation and strategy services to biopharma clients.

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