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Central Laboratory Service

Asian studies and global clinical trials utilizing global central laboratories are gaining attention as a means of facilitating early and precise applications for new drugs.

However, for international approval, globally consistent data is required, and to effectively pursue success both the services and technologies must be high quality. Naturally, the reliability of the inspection agency is more important than anything else.

Quintiles Central Laboratory Services effectively utilize the resources of the Quintiles group, providing all solutions necessary for the global clinical trials business.

Quintiles provides a customized service to its customers.

Quintiles Central Laboratories boasts the most inspection centers in the industry, all of which are directly managed by Quintiles. This means that we provide full management of everything from the saving of test kit samples, analysis methods and data collection. Indeed, with the standardization of equipment and operating procedures at our centers, direct comparisons are possible between, for example, results for patients in South Africa and Beijing.

In addition, since our testing centers all around the world are centrally managed as a single network, customers are able to use the services they need, wherever they would like to perform their clinical trials. Quintiles is familiar with local languages and customs, and has good relationships with regulatory authorities and carriers. This means that not only are we able to provide needed support for local trial facilities in setting up test kits, study protocols and transportation, we will also stick to schedules and standard operating procedures.

This makes it possible to utilize globally consistent databases, efficient analysis and early database locking, allowing customers to make faster, well-informed decisions.

In addition, using the infrastructure of Quintiles Central Laboratory Services, the high cost of transportation to other countries can be reduced, making it possible to proceed with cases in regions which have not previously been common. Quintiles Laboratories owns testing centers in the US, Europe, South America, India, China, Singapore and Japan, which are centrally managed as a single network. Support is also provided by cooperating testing agencies in Argentina and Brazil. Quintiles provides a customized service to its customers. In addition, Quintiles Central Laboratory Services is a network made up of a teams of experts that work closely together.

Each team responds to specialized needs in several areas of clinical trials and therapy. In cooperation with our customers, database standards are constructed in accordance with trial protocols and needs.

Also, projects are only commenced after fully understanding the customer's planning, communication and problem-solving methods. This makes it possible to save the customer's time at the most crucial time at the start of the trial, given that it is not necessary to re-learn the customer's methods for each trial.