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Real-World Late Phase

Quintiles' Real-World Late Phase is based on a wide range of clinical development experience to provide full product life-cycle solutions, and effectively support the planning and execution of mainly post-approval research evidence building.

With its global business deployment and regional expertise, Quintiles' Real-World Late Phase leads projects to success.
  • Aimed at thousands of facilities and millions of cases around the world 
  • Understanding of considerations and issues related to the design and implementation of global and regional research 
  • Specialist teams are in place to meet the challenges of regulations and operations in specific regions such as the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and other emerging markets 
  • Regular exchanges with a number of key opinion leaders (KOL, regulators and government agencies in nations around the world (European Medicines Agency: EMA; US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: AHRQ; US Food and Drug Administration: FDA; UK National Health and Clinical Excellence Mechanism: NICE etc.)