• Dutch (Netherlands)

Global Functional Resourcing

Since our 2005 acquisition of PharmaScope, the Dutch Quintiles office has played one of the key roles in establishing current models, among other initiatives across Europe.

Most of these are part of regional or global Master Agreements, some are local contracts. Whatever the contract, the aim remains the same: helping our clients solve their resourcing problems so they can focus on their core business: developing medicine and bringing these to market. This means we go far beyond the classic “body shop” model. We actively observe and discuss with our business partners how we can best help them to get their processes to the next level, while saving cost and time.

For our clients in the healthcare industry, our Global Functional Resourcing (GFR) models are the 21st century way of organizing and re-shaping their business.

For our employees, it is an excellent way of working with these dynamic and market-leading companies, while at the same time being part of the greater Quintiles organisation, providing the broadest perspective of career development in clinical research.