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The replacement of good fieldwork staff is no easy task, certainly not in a challenging labour market.This drives our constant recruiting of sales professionals. Temporary situations vacant due to illness or pregnancy do not need to have a direct impact on your results. Consider our vacancy management services.

Extended trial period

The best way to assess a new employee is to work together. We offer you such an option. By taking on your new employee through Innovex, a Quintiles company, and having him work for you through us for at least six months, you will find out whether you have the right person for the right job.

"Shadow" employees

Extra employees with a high degree of flexibility may be taken on to fill “gaps” in your organisation or to carry out extra tasks.
For example, vacancy management is ideal for:

  • Replacing an employee with the extra (management) support from our staff
  • Boosting and maintaining productivity
  • Enhancing flexibility
  • Supporting extra activities and projects
  • Managing the natural turnover in personnel proactively
Added value provided:
  • Highly qualified candidates
  • Speed and quality in recruitment
  • Great degree of flexibility
  • Flexible transition of services and, if needed, of employees at the end of a contract
  • Transparency in invoicing with a daily fee per worked day