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    Syndicated projects is an excellent resource that effectively covers the growing promotional needs of products that for any reason do not have space in the promotional grid of the company or that require an additional support.

    It is used to increase the share of voice of products that require promotional support to increase sales.

    Main benefits

    • The main benefit is that the cost per contact for the increased call coverage is considerably reduced as it is divided among participating products.
    • The required investment is easily absorbed by the Marketing Budget.
    • The products promoted do not compete between them, avoiding sales cannibalization and conflict of interest generation.

    Requirements for syndicated projects

    • The product(s) that integrate within the syndicate’s promotional grid must target the same doctors, but must not be competing.
    • The maximum amount of products that can be promoted is three. These can be from different companies or from the same company but from different lines.
    • The syndicates participation must be for the same period of time. 
    • Whether or not the project will continue at the end of the agreed period will depend on the syndicate’s decision to continue or the interested company may absorb the promotional position.