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Why partner with Quintiles in clinical studies? 

Clinical studies contribute to the development of medicine and improve the quality of health care. As a result of new drugs on the market, it is estimated that the average life expectancy within the last 20-30 years has increased by approximately 5 years. 

They offer patients:
  • New drugs and new treatment methods
  • Improved treatment for patients suffering from diseases for which no treatment options are known or the currently available treatment is insufficient or inaccessible (high cost, side effects, etc.)
  • Above-average care (patients treated under a clinical study are provided with a higher standard of medical care, such as more frequent follow-up visits and a wider range of diagnostic tests) 

Clinical studies make it possible for investigators to develop their own expertise as they are able to:
  • Increase their scientific achievements through publications - having the opportunity to publish their clinical observations (with the consent of the study sponsor)
  • Explore new drugs and ground-breaking treatment methods
  • Acquire new clinical skills and develop the existing ones
  • Gain experience that can help them attain research grant funding for their own studies 
  • Stay in contact with the world’s experts at investigator meetings as well as exchange experiences when conducting the study
  • Clinical studies boost the prestige of the investigator and the institution he/she represents

We cordially invite you to partner with Quintiles by becoming an Investigator. We are happy to answer your questions. 

If you are interested in collaborating with Quintiles as an investigator, please complete and send us the QUESTIONNAIRE.

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