Identify unmet local patient needs

Making patient centricity a priority

Quintiles sources real patient and treatment data to analyze core pathway frailties that contribute to non-adherence. We present solutions to improve that core pathway, and more critically, explore what motivates individual patients to adhere.

Patient needs

>1.8M personal interactions with HCPs and patients since 2004

Using data analytics, Quintiles can help reveal the specific challenges and characteristics you face by identifying patient cohorts and the possible causes of non-adherence. It can also identify Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) performance and Quality of Life and clinical outcomes indicators, allowing you to demonstrate unmet needs that your product can help fulfill.

By having access to this level of local information, you can develop tools to improve adherence and support a successful market access strategy.

Improving adherence. A focus on patient centricity.

Quintiles provides:

  • Training, support and mentoring for GPs, nurses and other NHS professionals to introduce new treatments and equipment in classroom, small group, or one-to-one settings. 
  • Patient / carer training and education to help them manage complex new treatment regimes, medical equipment, and delivery devices.
  • Online patient communities to provide emotional and psychological support, patient facing apps, and one-stop virtual platforms for outcomes monitoring.
  • Clinical review programs to provide face-to-face or telephone assessment for establishing individual patient needs.
  • Local support interventions to support behavioral change and enhance communication, with the aim of empowering the patient to make decisions about their care.

The power of possibilities