Accessing and understanding local payer needs for demonstrating long-term value

Global scale, local knowledge 

The success of your product requires an understanding of how payers define value on a regional and local level in the UK. To meet local payer needs, you need to align with their priorities. The cost-conscious system in the UK means that even highly effective treatment options may be rejected if they are too expensive; therefore your product needs to provide efficacy and value for money locally. 

Value. Access. Outcomes.

You have an innovative product, and the evidence to prove it adds value. But how do you access and communicate with local decision makers? 

With a global network of local regulatory experts, we have existing relationships with local decision makers, helping you to gain access and providing you with a number of key insight-driven tools to meet the needs of local payers, such as:
  • Pathway redesign. 
  • Simulation modeling. 
  • Outcomes observations.

A partner that understands complex healthcare systems

At Quintiles, we understand the power of effective value proposition delivery, and our experience can help you to ensure that your voice is heard above the noise. With a thorough understanding of highly complex and dynamic healthcare systems, we can help support you to gain adoption on payer formularies. 

We can help you convince payers by:
  • Developing real-world data through local health outcomes research.
  • Providing fully integrated solutions from late phase research and patient support programs.
  • Analyzing and interpreting patient outcomes data.
  • Developing a core value dossier.
  • Developing a submission dossier.
  • Using automated comparative reporting.
  • Providing payer insight to inform value proposition development and delivery.
  • Developing and implementing joint working programs.

The power of possibilities