Experienced. Cost-effective. Fast. These are today’s criteria when you need to execute clinical trials in South East Asia. We meet these criteria and it is easy to work with Quintiles’ local clinical and regulatory teams.

Our Vietnamese-based team has developed steadily since its opening in 2005. Working closely with the MOH to assist DST-MOH in meeting its immediate, medium and long term objectives, we have established our presence in Vietnam.

  • Vietnam has a lively economy with 80 million people, and over 13,000 health establishments.
  • There is high incidence of tropical and infectious diseases (e.g. Leprosy).
  • Quintiles has performed clinical trials to ICH GCP standard in Hepatitis B, Hepatocellular & Colorectal Carcinomas and Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Laboratory samples and clinical supplies are regularly shipped directly to site from Singapore.