Biopharmaceutical Sales & Marketing

Identify, promote and prove value

Quintiles’ global reach and local expertise can help you achieve the ultimate goal of creating product value through a drug that physicians prescribe, patients adhere to and payers endorse.

Doctor and woman

100% of 2013’s best selling products or compounds

Including the top 50 Oncology, top 45 Neurology, top 30 Cardiovascular, top 40 Musculoskeletal and top 25 Pain products or compounds of 2013.

Reach market gatekeepers

Market success relies on establishing trust with an array of stakeholders. Payers require proof of value and effectiveness, physicians need evidence of safety and efficacy, patients want assurance of tolerability and convenience, and policy makers demand confirmation of real-world benefits and risks.

Demonstrate value and deliver timely, targeted messaging

We work with you to gain market access through a compelling value dossier built on real-world evidence for your product, including observational studies with larger populations. Connect with a range of stakeholders in regional and global markets through our extensive network. Draw on our deep expertise from more than 100 global launches to tailor resonating product messages and communicate them at exactly the right time—via the most effective channels, including sales forces, digital channels, nurses and KOL education.

The power of possibilities

As a leading provider of biopharma sales and marketing solutions, we leverage our global infrastructure, expertise and experience to help you achieve formulary acceptance and market success.

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