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Enable improved decisions for better outcomes

Distinguish your healthcare organization as a high-quality provider and realize financial outcomes through better measurement and better reporting at a better price point, while delivering more efficient and effective care. Through its Real-World Results® studies and associated consultation services, Quintiles offers the data, tools and insights to optimize your operations.

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2,500 hospitals in the AHA's Get with The Guidelines quality improvement program

Quintiles has engaged with more than 2,500 hospitals participating in the AHA's Get with The Guidelines quality improvement program.

Delivering on the promise of evidence-based care

As a healthcare organization, your focus is primarily on improving clinical outcomes, but optimizing your investment is of equal importance. With increasing quality improvement, measurement and reporting initiatives, and the greater demand for evidence-based care, you need to take full advantage of all your resources.

Consulting services and solutions

Realize better clinical and financial outcomes.
In today's evolving healthcare landscape, you are not alone in facing the increasingly complex challenges of understanding the drivers of clinical and economic outcome improvements, and determining the next steps toward implementation and management of the appropriate processes and systems. Through its Real World Results® consulting services and solutions, Quintiles assists customers with a wide range of strategy, advisory, implementation, process redesign, optimization, analytics and performance-improvement initiatives, including implementation and advisory services around Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Observational research, registries and QI programs

Generate evidence and improve quality of care.
Our observational research studies, quality improvement programs, and associated software and databases generate real-world evidence on safety and effectiveness, which is critical for building knowledge of history of disease, developing new therapies, identifying best practice guidelines for treatment, enabling better patient outcomes, and providing support for informed treatment and management decisions. In addition, these programs are increasingly used for meeting reimbursement, accreditation, certification and maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements. Quintiles has led the development of the AHRQ Registries for Evaluating Patient Outcomes: A User’s Guide, including a chapter dedicated to quality improvement registries, and in the past 10 years our observational and quality improvement programs have involved in excess of 9 million patients in more than 100 countries.

Real-world data and genomics

Ensure the right patients get the right treatment.
As demand grows for demonstrating value in the care you provide, being able to deliver on the promise of personalized medicine becomes increasingly important. Through real-world evidence, data and genomics, Quintiles provides the tools and insights necessary for researchers and practitioners to develop and implement best practice care guidelines for delivery at the point of care, ensuring the right patients receive the right medications.

Quintiles partners with EMR, distributed care networks and other real-world databases involving more than 60 million patient lives. Q2 Solutions I Expression Analysis, a Quintiles Quest joint venture company, provides a full range of genomic capabilities supporting experimental research design, sample analysis, nucleic acid isolation, gene expression profiling, genotyping, next generation sequencing and advanced bioinformatics.

The power of possibilities

Together, we can make better decisions to improve healthcare outcomes.

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