Public Health & Government

Advance public health worldwide

Quintiles’ public health and government services team is uniquely equipped to support publicly and privately funded initiatives to help improve global public health.

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We share a common goal- improve global public health

A shared challenge

Relieving the burden of disease is a goal we all hope to see come to fruition. But making a real difference in public health takes commitment and collaboration with an experienced partner.

Deliver solutions that work

Quintiles works with governments, product development partnerships (PDPs), not-for-profit organizations, associations and the biopharma industry. We provide best-in-class solutions to support efforts to prevent and treat infectious and non-infectious conditions as well as unconventional threats. Our public health and government services team acts as a specialized interface for accessing Quintiles’ global clinical development, late phase, consulting and commercial expertise.

Proof in marketplace

When we combine our efforts, we can offer results that address needs in developed and developing regions of the world.

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