Comprehensive Technology Solutions

Fully leverage your data and the valuable insights it can provide

Are you challenged by customized legacy IT systems? Frustrated by the need for manual integration of data? Improve your probability of success by leveraging Quintiles’ award winning technology solutions and IT services. Our unique mix of business domain and technology expertise can minimize your risk of transition, while maximizing the benefits to your business.

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Combining extensive biopharma knowledge with award-winning technology expertise

Quintiles named to 2015 InformationWeek Elite 100.

To turn data into insights, upgraded IT systems are essential. Outdated systems lead to significant costs – in terms of time, frustration and an increased risk of errors. Integrated IT systems are a crucial component in reducing manual processes, resulting in fewer errors, faster processes, far less frustration and ultimately lowering your costs. Benefit from more insightful data analysis, which can lead to groundbreaking discoveries. 

Business domain expertise is critical to the success of IT projects

  • 50% of companies had an IT project fail over a 12-month period.  
  • 75% of business and IT professionals report that they feel their IT project is doomed from the onset.
  • Only 17% of business and IT professionals feel that the requirements definition process articulates the business need.

Address your complex needs with the right IT services, systems and solutions

Address your technology issues without the need to waste time bringing your partners up to speed on your challenge or your business – by taking advantage of Quintiles’ exceptional industry expertise.  

Customizable IT services to fit your needs – a result of extensive biopharma expertise and technology capabilities:
  • Data & analytics services.
  • Collaboration & content management.
  • Agile software development.
  • COTS implementation.
  • 3rd party software integration.
  • Managed services. 
Fully integrated IT solutions that combine operational, financial and external data – in near-real time:
  • Infosario Design.
  • Infosario Safety.
  • Infosario Analytics. 
  • Infosario Portal. 
  • Regulatory Information Management. 

All these approaches offer the major advantage of allowing spending to be variabilized – for example, on a subscription basis, with charges based on usage patterns – so that it can ebb and flow with business performance.  This contrasts sharply with ownership of IT platforms, which represents a fixed cost that continues regardless of business factors.

The power of possibilities

Improve your probability of a successful technology project. Unleash the power of your data – and reveal insights that drive innovation – using our award-winning technology. Together, we can deploy disruptive innovation and drive your business to the next level.