Solution Design Studio

A healthcare technology and apps accelerator, combining expert teams and agile processes in a highly collaborative, digitally enabled environment

Quintiles, the world’s largest provider of product development and integrated healthcare services, opened its global Solution Design Studio where expert teams will collaborate to create technology solutions that tackle some of healthcare’s biggest challenges. Solution Design Studio

The Studio is a highly interactive technology-driven environment featuring digital-simulation capabilities and proven early development processes that drive innovation and rapid problem solving. Quintiles’ customers, its therapeutic and domain experts, and key healthcare stakeholders will join the Studio’s team of simulation analysts, wearable and virtual-reality experts, user-interface designers and app developers. Working together, they can create technology solutions that exceed expectations and delight users, from researchers through healthcare workers and ultimately patients. 
Solution Design Studio
“We believe that the future of healthcare is intertwined with technology innovation and its application in real-world settings," said Richard Thomas, president, Quintiles Technology & Solutions.  “Simply put, we are working with stakeholders to rapidly create technology solutions that solve healthcare challenges, big and small." Solution Design Studio

The new Studio is part of the Quintiles campus, located in the technology hub of Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. The Solution Design Studio team has an award-winning portfolio of digital innovations including the Quintiles One mobile app®Infosario, the next-generation clinical development platform Infosario Design, and Quintiles’ contribution to the Apple ResearchKit framework.

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Introducing Solution Design Studio
Introducing Solution Design Studio

Quintiles Solution Design Studio
Quintiles Solutions Design Studio Core Capabilities
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