Clinical investigators and physicians

Clinical investigators advance health through the power of clinical research

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Clinical investigators worldwide make significant contributions to improving healthcare every day. Through research, new medicines get to patients sooner.

Quintiles conducts more clinical trials than any other organization in the world. In 2008, we worked with nearly 38,000 clinical trial investigators, randomizing more than 327,000 patients globally. Our track record and incredible patient access is made possible by working with the finest, most qualified investigators.

Together, we can help bring products to market and medicines to patients faster.

Experienced Clinical Investigators

In order to search for qualified investigators quickly, we have a comprehensive database.

You can add your site to Quintiles' Investigator Database in two easy steps:

  1. Complete the Site and Investigator Form
  2. Upload your CV with the form
Your request will be reviewed by a Quintiles Site Specialist and entered into our database. For questions regarding the form, please contact our Integrated Site Strategies mailbox at:

Conducted Studies with Quintiles in the Past?
Learn more about our Partner Site program for high-performing sites. As a partner site, you’ll gain valuable training, tools, assistance and the assurance of a steady flow of research work.

Physicians New to Clinical Research

Physicians looking for a change of pace from clinical practice might consider the opportunities available in clinical research. You can enter the field and become a clinical investigator without leaving patient care by incorporating clinical research into your existing practice. In fact, by doing so you can enjoy the intellectual stimulation and satisfaction of advancing the field of medicine, while offering your patients access to new treatments.

Learn more about clinical investigators by reviewing frequently asked questions and answers and an article from The Physician Executive, Breaking into Clinical Research.

State-of-the-art facilities for Phase I clinical trials

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Expanded Phase I Unit in London
Expanded Phase I Unit in London