Physicians new to clinical research

Clinical research investigator information

Quintiles is the world's leading clinical research organization and works with clinical research investigators all over the world to develop new drugs. With innovative professional expertise, we provide pharmaceutical services and solutions to improve healthcare worldwide.

In partnership with our customers, Quintiles helped develop or commercialize the top 30 best-selling drugs in the world. We believe a relationship with us will have far-reaching benefits for any clinical research investigator and his or her practice.

From technicians to scientist to physicians, those who participate in clinical research are responsible for every life-saving medicine on the market. But without patients, clinical trials wouldn't be possible and neither would the medical advancements that result. The source of qualified patients is Clinical Research Investigators.

The Clinical Research Investigator's Critical Role in Research
By becoming a Quintiles investigator, you can play a vital part in clinical research. You'll be responsible for recruiting and overseeing the administration of clinical trials that lead to new medicines and therapies.

On a larger scale, you'll contribute to cutting-edge clinical research and will be an integral part of the next generation of medical innovation across all specialties, including oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes, CNS, infectious disease and more.

Advancing Healthcare, Advancing Your Career
Joining the Quintiles investigator team opens up avenues to enhance your professional expertise, provide valuable training to your staff and - most important - offer new treatment options to your patients. And because you'll gain special knowledge of new drugs and therapies, you'll stay on the leading edge in your specialty.