Amid the complexities of the current healthcare climate, we can all agree that greater attention to stakeholders’ concerns is essential to improved education and health outcomes. Although external governing bodies, healthcare practitioners, patients and the pharmaceutical industry share common goals, each of these groups has specific concerns that must be addressed throughout the course of action. Quintiles Medical Education (QME) has these concerns squarely in its sights. Our educational programming is designed to meet the needs of all involved parties. 

Having just been awarded Accreditation with Commendation by the ACCME, QME is keenly aware of the intent, spirit and practice of abiding by the Standards for Commercial Support. We are firmly committed to ensuring that compliance is met in every regard – from planning through execution.

We are equally committed to meeting the needs of the healthcare practitioners we educate. As the medical community moves ever closer to a pay-for-performance model, it is increasingly important to provide education rooted in quality and practice improvement. Many of QME’s educational offerings reach Moore’s Level 5 outcomes and provide effective ways for HCPs to benchmark themselves against practice guidelines, their peers, and even their own recent behaviors.

In 2008 QME made the decision to take the educational process in a new direction by treating patients not simply as the object of medical education, but as active participants by integrating them into both the design and execution of much of our work. This level of inclusion empowers patients and makes for more robust and relevant educational initiatives, some of which yield Moore’s Level 6 outcomes.

Finally, QME recognizes the increased scrutiny put upon continuing education by the pharmaceutical industry itself. We understand the place that outcomes play in qualifying and quantifying the success of any education. For that reason, our goals are measurable, succinctly articulated, and overtly linked to identified gaps. Moreover, how we measure our objectives is almost as important as the goal attainment itself. QME is focused on delivering repeatable results based on sound methodologies.