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Discover opportunities as a clinical trial investigator with an industry leader

When you work with Quintiles as a clinical trial investigator, you can play a key role in furthering scientific and medical breakthroughs that will benefit your patients and patients all over the world. We are changing the way clinical trials are executed to drive efficiencies, protect patient safety, and ultimately, help get drugs to patients sooner. But we can’t do it without you.

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100% of the top 100 best-selling products or compounds

Quintiles helped develop or commercialize 100% of the top 100 best-selling products or compounds of 2013.

Break new ground in medicine as a clinical trial investigator

Every clinical trial investigator is essential to the important work of clinical trials. Without you, new therapies may go untested, leaving providers unable to deliver life-changing treatments to patients. Partnering with Quintiles will allow you to:

  • Give your patients access to new treatments and quality care. 
  • Work with the top names in biopharma to help develop new drugs. 
  • Learn about leading-edge therapeutics before they are widely available. 
  • Help drive advances in your specialty in new areas such as precision medicine or biosimilars
  • Share your clinical insights to shape trial protocols or treatment pathways.
  • Establish a new revenue stream
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Enroll in the Quintiles Investigator Network

We’re always seeking clinical trial investigators to help make new medicines a reality. We make it easy to get involved – simply register online and we’ll match you with the clinical trial opportunities for investigators that best fit your capabilities. After optimizing clinical trials for the last 30 years, we have the experience and technology to streamline the investigator experience – from communication to training to workflow for the entire course of a trial.

Helping clinical investigators find and engage the right patients

We are building an array of resources to help you educate and engage patients as well as colleagues. For example, our Site & Patient Engagement Toolkit app provides Quintiles CRAs and Site Network Managers a ready resource to help you plan your recruitment and retention tactics, from advertising programs to community outreach. And Quintiles’ online communities connect to more than 3 million patients.

Providing the Knowledge Needed for Successful Clinical Trials

If you are new to clinical research, we can help you and your staff understand exactly what to expect. To prepare you for your role as a principal investigator, our Site Training and e-learning program (STeP) provides a practical introduction to clinical research, including GCP (Good Clinical Practice) standards, patient recruitment and other trial processes. Plus, you’ll get training specific to each trial you work on.

The power of possibilities

Discover how Quintiles' approach to clinical research is making a difference for patients and the practice of medicine.

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