Precision Enrollment

A faster, more effective approach to patient recruitment

Product development is especially challenging when you’re looking for very specific, hard-to-find patient populations. Success hinges on finding the right patients as quickly as possible. With Quintiles Precision Enrollment, sites are designed to start up within 21 days, offering the right trials to the right patients in a streamlined way.

Investigator with patient

The right sites. The right patients. Within 21 days.

A faster, more efficient approach to patient recruitment.

Only open sites with a qualified patient

Quintiles leverages our established Precision Enrollment site network and web-based technology to expedite the enrollment process and reduce the site's start-up burden. 

Our innovative approach significantly expands the potential patient pool while opening sites to studies only when they know they have a qualified patient. We are launching this service in the U.S. with oncology sites first.

How Quintiles Precision Enrollment works

Investigators in the Quintiles Precision Enrollment network use our site portal, Quintiles Infosario® Site Gateway, to browse a menu of studies to determine if there are patients matching a given trial. Once a patient is identified, our process is designed to open the study at that site within 21 days. Quintiles Precision Enrollment helps you connect more patients with a study tailored specifically for their situation and provide them access to promising new treatments.

Quintiles Precision Enrollment:
The right sites. The right patients. Within 21 days.

  • Significant timeline reductions thanks to faster study start-up.
  • Reduced costs by identifying the right patients for a study before opening a site.
  • Faster enrollment from an expanded potential patient pool.
  • Using EHR and genomic analysis helps identify patients that will benefit most.

Fact Sheet Apr 20, 2016
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Quintiles Precision Enrollment
Quintiles Precision Enrollment