Growth phase

Focus on expanding your market presence, look at additional supporting activities to improve patient adherence and collect data to demonstrate long-term impact of your drug in the local population

During this phase, to maximize the commercial success of your product, you should focus on:

  • Communicating value
  • Optimizing patient support
  • Demonstrating outcomes
  • Enabling and maintaining market access

Communicating value 

To continue the growth of your product you need to continue building and maintaining relationships with key opinion leaders and payers, and communicate the value of your product to them. This can be achieved by putting medical science liaisons in place in the field.

Optimizing patient support

To help relieve the burden on healthcare systems, providing patient support and building patient communities can help to improve product uptake and adherence to treatment, so consider:

  • Patient support programs tailored to different profiles 
  • Creating online patient communities
  • Localized patient data analysis
  • Patient identification
  • Field nurse activities 

Demonstrating outcomes

In order for a drug to be clinically and commercially successful, manufacturers must be able to demonstrate how it delivers value to the entire healthcare system. Tracking and auditing outcomes helps to understand progress and tailor next steps, therefore consider:

  • Health economics and outcomes research
  • Observational studies
  • Outcomes tracking
  • Case finding

Enable and maintain market access

In order to ensure commercial success, market access surveillance on subnational level is required.

  • Be aware of national and new subnational reimbursement regulations
  • Maintain stakeholder relations within the reimbursement environment

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